Small Trailer (B+E) Course & Test


Qualify to drive small trailers \ horsebox \ caravan \ plant.

Step One

Contact us to discuss the right direction for your training needs with one of our DVSA qualified instructors. Visit our facility for an informal chat about what is involved in your chosen certificate, have a look around our high quality training vehicles and on site training facilities.

Step Two

WJs high quality vehicles are available for your training and test, alternatively if you would prefer to train in your own vehicle this can also be accommodated.

Step Three

For more information please reference:

Course fees Inc VAT

*Payments must be received in full a minimum 10 days prior to training.

* Cancellations made after 10 days prior to test date will result in non refundable test fees.

B+E (including use of WJ vehicle, trailer & DVSA Test)


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Speak to one of our WJ Training instructor to arrange your one day training.

This will include assessment, training and test which will arranged on a separate day.

Call us on +44(0)1782 381780 to discuss this before you book online