The Driver CPC Practical Demonstration Test (MOD4)


Course fees Inc VAT (VAT not applicable to test examination fees)

This test has been introduced to allow you to prove that you can carry out a number of operations, other than driving, which are legal requirements.

Candidates taking both LGV licence and (MOD 4) initial CPC can be taken on the same day.

Candidates who only require the initial driver CPC can take this test independently.

Exam Content

The examiner will expect you to show that you can:

  • Prepare for duty in a safe manner
  • Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and fit for service
  • Take measures to ensure that illegal immigrants or goods are prevented from being carried
  • Understand and use safe working practices
  • Stay aware of certain other aspects of driver practice that covers safety and compliance and the loading and securing methods that must be used with different types of goods to be carried.

Exam Interaction

This test is interactive and you will be expected to explain and demonstrate your actions. Thirty minutes will be allowed for this test, during which the examiner will ask you to explain and demonstrate how you would deal with certain situations.

Training for this test is delivered at the WJ Driver Training Academy centre, usually during the LGV training week.