EU Driver Hours, Work Time Directive inc Tachograph Course


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This course is designed to equip professional drivers with the knowledge and skills to operate within the rules and regulations concerning EU driver hours and work time directive. This course also outlines driver responsibilities for accurately recording their activities when on duty using an analogue or digital tachograph card.
Course includes:

  • Rules on driver hours: EU driver hours/daily/weekly/fortnightly driver limits including driver breaks; daily and weekly rest requirements.
  • Rules on working time: road transport regulations working time directive, breaks from work, definition of work, period of availability (POA), maintaining weekly average at or below legal limits.
  • Rules on use of tachographs, analogue and digital:

Analogue; centerfield entries, mode switch, completion of charts, maual entries, storage, record keeping.

Digital; understanding a digital vehicle unit (VU), digital driver cards/manual entries/printouts/downloading digital data.

Enforcement and penalties
Underpinning knowledge exercise

This course is CPC approved (JAUNT No:CRS4426/1158) and counts as 7 hrs of the required 35 hrs periodic training for LGV drivers.